Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Reality Of Rosmah's Involvement In Altantuya's Murder


After deliberation, our group's leader would like to convey the following:

1. Abdul Razak Baginda had an affair with the deceased Altantuya.

2. The deceased Altantuya came to Malaysia to pursue their relationship further.

3. Abdul Razak felt threatened and sought the help of his accomplices to murder Altantuya and resolve his problem, without Najib's knowledge.

4. Abdul Razak, Najib and Altantuya have been seen and photographed together when the deceased was an interpreter during an arms negotiation overseas.

5. The murderers of Altantuya used a sharp weapon to murder Altantuya first.

6. Then, they informed Rosmah of the body and she went to the site to see the body of the deceased before it was blown up. She went there without Najib's knowledge and because of her envy.

7. Rosmah did not order the murder of Altantuya but the murder plot was the work of Abdul Razak Baginda and his accomplices.

End Statement.

1. Abdul Razak Baginda had cheated on his wife by having an affair with the deceased Altantuya. They even have a child as a result of the affair.

2. Since Abdul Razak had not treated the deceased fairly and had not given her money, she decided to come to Malaysia to resolve her affair with Abdul Razak personally.

3. When the deceased confronted Abdul Razak in Malaysia, he panicked and resought to get rid of her forever. He did not want his wife and family to know about his affair and relationship with the deceased. Furthermore, the deceased threatened to expose their affair to the public.

He requested the help of Najib's aides without informing Najib of his predicament. So, Najib really did not know about the murder plan at all.

4. It is true that Abdul Razak, Najib and Altantuya have met overseas in an arms negotiation. They have been photographed together also. This makes Rosmah furious with envy. However, although the threesome were seen together, Najib was not at all involved in the murder of Altantuya. It was strictly a business meeting.

5. Altantuya was first murdered using a sharp weapon by her murderers conspiring with Abdul Razak. Then, to dispose of the evidences, they blew up her body entirely.

6. Once Rosmah knew Najib and Abdul Razak have met Altantuya before, she was filled with envy. So, when she knew that Altantuya has been murdered, she wanted to see her dead body before the murderers blew her body up. A dead women cannot identify Rosmah. She didn't even tell Najib that she was going to see the deceased body.

7. So, Rosmah's involvement in the Altantuya's murder is just a crime of passion. The real murderers are Abdul Razak Baginda and his accomplices. This is the truth and nothing else but the truth. Even the military intelligence is having a hard time digesting the truth. What else can we expect from the others? Period.

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duanetan said...

I think No. 6 & 7 are abit hard to digest. How can the involvement of 3 person can make a wife that furious and wanted to kill a person? Unless you are talking about orgy? But then again you mention Najib not involve. Will the murderer could have been firstly informed Rosmah of what they were doing? Nothing to do with her what... I'm sure if it's to do with Razak, he wouldn't want another person to know, right? I'm trying to imagine the murderer asking whether she interested to look at how they blow Altantuya up, like "hey we are going to use C4 on her tonite, wanna come and join the party? it'll be great!".
But, if she really involved, then yes of course it'll be a crime of passion, and shift the story a bit, what if Razak's just a scape goat for them, and there is nothing absolutely to do with him in this affair with Altantuya, he just taking orders that's all. Then that'll make perfect sense why she would be in the crime scene.
Anyway, it's just a teory.

Anonymous said...

This posting is ment for humor right? Please tell me this is a joke.

Bukit Chandan said...

Dear duanetan,

1. Envy can make a person do the unthinkable. There are a lot cases already in the World. We won't mention it here. You know women, if she's the jealous type like Rosmah who is a 'queen control' type of character, just a mention of the overseas meeting or the photograph will infuriate her. Whereas there was no sex affair between Najib and Altantuya. It's just a business meeting.

2. Look at the one who arranged the blow up. His wife is close to Rosmah. Do you think that women won't gossip? We think that she might have passed the information regarding the meeting and photograph of Najib, Razak and the deceased to Rosmah.

3. What we mean by "crime of passion" here is literally that Rosmah is only guilty of her feelings in this case. She is not involved in the murder plot at all.

4. Razak is not the scape goat. He really wanted Altantuya dead to coverup his sexual affair with her.

5. Mind you that Altantuya was murdered with a sharp weapon somewhere else first. Then only the body was dumped and blown up at the site where they found her remains. This is a typical strategy to hide the evidences and confuse the forensic investigators.

Best Regards.........

Bukit Chandan said...

Dear anonymous,

It's not a joke. We are dead serious.

Best Regards.........

Anonymous said...

I suspect your leaders read other blogs just like everybody else & then come to conclusions like these. If they know so much abt this case, why didn't they come clear about this before. Isn't it the duty of a good Muslim to report the unjust?

On another note, use your grey matter la bro! Why on earth would Rosmah be envious if someone else's hubby is having an affair with the dead lady? What is the motive? It doesn't make sense to us normal people's IQ! Unless the hubby got something to do with it. She would have the resources to have the matter checked out properly & not just jump into conclusion.

Bukit Chandan said...

Dear anonymous,

Our leaders have "kashaf" abilities. This is our strategy for now.

You know women, if their hubbies are not having a sex affair also they will think otherwise, unless they are the "solihah" ones. They can be very very possessive.

We rest our case.

Best Regards.........

malaysia tomorrow said...

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